AgilePacks Starter Kit - 25 Cards

AgilePacks Starter Kit - 25 Cards

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People are always looking for new ways to capture ideas and plan their work. The AgilePacks Starter Kit is the perfect fit for an individual or small-medium sized team. We've designed each kit to have everything you need in one place - ready to capture your brainstorms and planning and perfect for handling ideas that change and take shape as your work through the creative or planning process.

Each planning card has a magnetic backing and a dry-erase surface, allowing you to re-use and easily move the card over and over. The magnetic cleaning cloth is never out of reach! You can keep it at your whiteboard or wherever you have a metal surface available. You might even have a surface ready for AgilePacks planning cards without even realizing it. Many cube and cloth-backed office walls have a metal structure, ready to become your next planning space!

In each AgilePacks Starter Kit you get:

  • 25 AgilePacks magnetic, dry-erase planning cards
  • 1 Expo fine-point dry-erase marker
  • 1 magnetic cleaning cloth