AgilePacks has been in the business of creating productivity tools since 2016. Planning is all about ideas and ideas change. As professionals working on agile teams we were tired of wasting sticky notes week after week in our planning sessions. We knew we needed tools that offered more flexibility to organize our ideas. And we wanted something that would be environmentally friendly that we could re-use over and over. We developed our first 4" x 6" reusable magnetic notecard and it energized our agile teams and AgilePacks was born. 

Since then we have expanded on our original AgilePacks design, adding new designs, new colors and new sizes! As we continue to design tools to help people be more productive and capture their creativity we hope you will try our full line of AgilePacks products - we're sure you'll love them as much as we do.

Josh & Mike
AgilePacks Founders

AgilePacks designs creative tools that help you plan... to do more.