Are you the kind of person who uses their hand to erase something on the board or the kindwho CANT STAND it when someone does that??

I'm the second person I LOVE a clean whiteboard & this is my new favorite whiteboard eraser!!!!these magnetic cleaning cloths from @agilepacks are the best!!

They stick to the whiteboard so you don't lose them they're black do you don't look gross after using them to erase the board! They do such a good job of cleaning my board too!

Like sticky notes or index cards - but make them MAGNETIC & REUSABLE.

These dry erase magnets from @agilepacks are a game changer in the classroom!! There's different sizes and colors available! 

The Power of Small Groups! Happy Tuesday everyone! Small group instruction is fully operational in my classroom!

We spent the first two weeks of school practicing rotations, learning the expectations, and what each station works on!

Small group instruction is something very near and dear to me! I think it's one of the most effective instructional strategies! Being able to meet students where they are at and work with them on targeted and intentional skills and tasks allows students to grow and meet mastery!

My reading small groups are based off comprehension, fluency, and sight word/phonics data. These groups can be fluid, but usually remain the same. Each group is working on the same standard, but at their instructional levels! For my math small groups, they change everyday depending on the math lesson's exit tickets! Based on that data I can pull groups to reteach or enrich the standard and skill!

What's your thoughts on small group instruction?

Um... how cool are these? Not only are they super cute, they also help with organizing ANYTHING!

There are so many ways to use these reusable magnetic cards. The best part-there are SO many different shapes, colors, sizes and styles!!

I'm currently using them for Class News and objectives!If you are like me, and organization brings you happiness, check them out!