Different color dry erase markers, especially red and, even worse, green are notorious for leaving a haze due to the dyes in their pigment. This can happen on any style of whiteboard surface and can even occur on glass surfaces too.

Dry Erase Wipes
Dry Erase Spray

Recommended Accessories:

1. Use high-quality, (avoid low odor) dry-erase markers to avoid poor erasability. 2. Replace markers when almost dry to avoid poor erasability.

General cleaning instructions for whiteboard:

1. Wipe surface with a clean cloth moistened with a high-quality whiteboard cleaner or warm water. Note: Using a non-appropriate cleaner may result in poor dry erasability due to the build-up of residues from the cleaner on the surface.
2. Rinse with clean, warm water to remove any cleaner residue.
3. Wipe surface dry with a clean cloth.