AgilePacks deliver flexibility

Planning is all about ideas. But ideas can change. We were tired of wasting sticky notes and and we wanted more flexibility to organize our ideas. We knew we weren't alone!

So we developed a 4"x6" reusable magnetic notecard - perfect for all of your big ideas! You can move it around like a note and it doesn't lose its stickiness. The dry-erase surface lets you make changes without wasting paper and time.

Try AgilePacks - we're sure you'll love them as much as we do.

Josh & Mike


Work Smarter

Quit wasting time and money on disposable tools. Make a mistake, erase it. Completed a task? Erase it and use it again. There’s no adhesive, so our magnets can be used over and over again!


Customize Your Approach

Our card design allows you to organize your work and ideas as you see fit. Title, details, assignment and duration are just the start. Everyone works differently. We let you define how you want to work!


Be More Flexible

Don’t miss a beat. Adapt as your plans change and move a card from one sprint to another, refine your idea, add task details or re-assign a work-item. You’re in total control.

What can you do with AgilePacks?