AgilePacks planning kits present a unique opportunity to market your support for the Agile practice, building effective project teams, exploring the creative or product ideation process or improving team productivity.

  • As a visual planning tool, AgilePacks presents your brand and keeps it top of mind throughout the entire project planning and implementation process.

  • Your logo or message on your AgilePacks Custom Edition is front and center on each task card, linking your brand with the delivery of work items. As team members celebrate their successes, each AgilePacks card is a reminder of how you were integral in the delivery of their work.

  • AgilePacks are perfect for:
    Project teams, departments, classes, meetings, seminars, etc.
    Equipping individuals in planning, team building and team leadership roles o Task management outside of typical project management settings:

    Helpdesk, Customer Service, Medical, Clinical and Scientific Settings
    Workplace Resource and Facility Management
    Human Resources, Staffing, Workforce Management and Resource Scheduling