Care and Use Tips

Tips and best practices for using AgilePacks dry erase magnets!

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We recommend Expo brand markers for their consistent writing and erasing. Writing too hard with utra-fine tip markers can damage the surface of your magnets. Write gently to ensure your marker does not leave an impression in the surface of the magnet.


Use your fingertip or fingernail to gently lift a corner of the magnet to release it from your whiteboard or metal surface. Be careful not to separate the layers of the surface and backing magnet.


Wait until your ink is dry and use the included AgilePacks Magnetic Microfiber cloth to erase your magnets. Apply gentle pressure to remove stubborn, dried ink. Wiping gently will let the microfiber cloth do the work for you. See CLEANING for stubborn dried ink.


For stubborn streaks, dried ink or cloudy residue we recommend using a standard dry erase cleaning wipe or spray. Use a wipe or spray our AgilePacks cleaning cloth to erase any stubborn stains. If needed, apply gentle pressure when wiping. Repeat as needed.


Over time some magnets may curl slightly if not kept on a metal surface. To fix this, store magnets on a metal surface to keep them flat or gently bend the magnets in the opposite direction of the curl.

Colored Markers

Regardless of the dry erase surface, some green and red inks don’t erase well. Be cautious using these colors. Depending on the brand, some colors can require extra cleaning as they typically leave a cloudy residue after they are erased.

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