AgilePacks give you a unique marketing opportunity to reinforce your brand throughout the ideation, design and project delivery process.

As a visual planning tool, your brand can be front and center on each task card. As team members celebrate their successes, each AgilePacks card is a reminder of how you were integral in the delivery of their work.

You can use AgilePacks in a variety of different ways. Personal task management and team planning or brainstorming settings are just the start.

Perfect for Agile Teams

People are always looking for new ways to capture ideas and plan their work.

AgilePacks clean, open design allows each card to be exactly what you need on the fly. With a dry-erase surface and a magnetic backing, AgilePacks are the only planning tool you’ll ever need for your day-to-day Agile workflow, team planning session or off-site meeting.

We developed AgilePacks to last. Sticky notes just don’t last in the high-demand world of agile projects and task based project management. You’re always a mistake or change away from another piece of paper in your trash can – and more money wasted. Even in the best case scenario, you’re going to throw away that note when the story or task is complete. With AgilePacks a quick wipe with our included magnetic cleaning cloth and you’re ready for your next story.

In each box you get 25(Standard) or 40(Pro) 4x6 magnetic dry-erase cards, a magnetic cleaning cloth and a fine point expo marker.